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Prepared Foods

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Prepared Food

Brown Rice Cumin Curry SoupMix
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $9.99 ( 14 ouncs )
Available (Estimated): 23

This is one of the most delicious soups you have had in a long time. In a pot just add ... more
Couscous Cranberry Almond Mix
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $9.99 ( 9 ozs )
Available (Estimated): 17

Lovely taste and texture of the great mix. Lunch or dinner in five minutes. Quick and delicious. Great flavors. more
Jambalaya Mix
Grower: Rapid Gourmet
Price: $9.95 ( 12 ozs )
Available (Estimated): 33

A wonderful mix of spices to deliver the perfect Jambalaya. Add your favorite veggies, meat and/or seafood. more