Nancy's Garden

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I have been gardening all my life and am committed to an all natural and sustainable way of life. I have recently purchased some chickens which are finding free range life is great! I hope to have eggs soon in addition to the usual veggies. I live on 4 acres which is an old homestead with lots of flowers and plants . I periodically divide and thin out plants which I will be glad to sell also. I have worm beds which provide most of my fertilizer(along with the new chickens!), and an occasional load of horse manure.
I hope to post pictures soon but should have the following veggies available: tomatoes, okra, field peas, beans, peppers of all kinds, and several varieties of squash.
I have the following plants and trees: iris, day lilly, straw flowers, hostas, liriope, and 3 varieties of canna lilly. Crape myrtle, dogwood, oak, maple, and persimmon trees. Aloe plants and spider plants. I also have a few bog/water plants. These are all various sizes.

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