Not a Farm Farm


Not a Farm Farm is located in Oxford, GA and owned by twins. We strive to provide healthy organic, non-gmo, sans-chemically-treated foods to both humans and animals.

Not a Farm Farm currently sells eggs from our eight hens (AKA our Lovely Ladies). We adore our ladies, so they only get the best. We only provide NON-GMO items to our ladies. They have 24/hour access to Organic NON-GMO feed (from Tractor Supply) and clean water. During the day, they have access to a super large run with plenty of sunshine. When we can watch them, they are given supervised access to the yard to enjoy all the grass and bugs they’d like. They are given organic or non-GMO treats, including their favorites like watermelon, cucumbers, black oil sunflower seeds, and fermented scratch. Our ladies sleep in a fully enclosed run (connected to the large outer run) in their spacious coop. They lay eggs in the nesting boxes attached to the coop. You can find out more about our ladies and our eggs on our website.

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